People often have a lot of questions about counselling, especially if they haven't tried it before. I hope that this section will answer some of your questions, but if not please feel free to get in touch.

How long will I need counselling for?

That all depends on the reason you are coming to counselling. For many people, 6-8 sessions is enough, and for others they might benefit from longer term work to address some deeper issues. We would review regularly together how we felt the counselling was going, so that it is clear how long our work is going to take.

What will counselling be like?

We will meet in a private room, so that you are able to speak freely without worrying about people knowing anything about you.
Counselling is about having a conversation in a way that helps you to explore the issue, perhaps look at it from different perspectives and understand some of your feelings about it. Therefore I am there to listen and ask questions that may help you explore the problem, and for you to talk to someone about this without judgement.

What form of payments do you take?

I accept cash on the day, or you can make a BACS payment into my account. I will send you account details on request.